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When a child sees a stick, it’s not just a stick; it transforms into a sword, a wand, or anything they can imagine. However, as they grow older, this magical wooden tool reverts back to being just a stick. Why does this transformation occur, and how can we nurture their boundless imagination?

Half of children start losing their sense of wonder by age six, as revealed in a study of 1,000 parents with kids aged three to six. A significant 94% of parents view nurturing their child’s curiosity crucial for their development, with 83% seeking assistance in maintaining their sense of wonder.

Child Psychologist Laverne Antrobus stresses the importance of imaginative play for fostering a child’s sense of wonder, while activities like exploring nature, trying new sports, and engaging in creative endeavors are seen as effective ways to preserve a child’s imagination.

Parents value imaginative storytelling,  by encouraging reading we can help to maintain a child’s sense of wonder. Disney Princess characters are considered positive role models, inspiring children, along with various activities like exploring nature, trying new sports, stargazing, and engaging in creative endeavors to nurture a child’s creativity and imagination.

Unfortunately, the loss of imagination often occurs during the transition from childhood to adolescence, influenced by social norms and self-consciousness, leading adolescents to conform to social expectations and potentially stifling their imaginative play and creativity.

So, whether it’s dressing up, reading a wonderful book, or taking a walk in nature, you play a vital role in encouraging young minds to imagine that anything is possible.

Let’s try keeping their imagination alive!

With Love, Eliza x